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Kitty Soules, The Mistress of Negativity Empty Kitty Soules, The Mistress of Negativity

on Wed May 01, 2019 12:33 pm
Basic Information:

-Full Name: Katrina Camille Soules
-Nicknames/Titles: Kitty (After her grandmother)
-Gender: Female
-Alignment: Neutral Good
-Age: 15
-Race/Homeland: America
-Class: Psionic

Character Appearance:

-Hair: Rich Brown
-Skin: Lightly Tanned
-Eyes: Brown
-Height: 5’ 4”
-Weight: 110
-Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):
-Physical Features: Long hair, thin face, somewhat lanky body, Thick eyebrows, and a pointed chin. Hairier than she’d like.

Character Mindset:

-Personality: Generally soft spoken and shy, but still caring and supportive.
-General Happiness: Typically the sadness of others makes her feel somewhat depressed. However it’s not just sadness and depression. Her power also works with several other negative feelings. Such as: Fear, Grief, Guilt, Despair, Doubt, Apathy, Inadequacy, Loneliness, and a sense of Lacking.
-Social Level: Poor
-Optimistic/Pessimistic: She usually assumes the worst of life, but not of people.
-Positive Personality Traits: Empathetic, Understanding, Loving, and Comforting.
-Negative Personality Traits: She can sometimes overthink things. She lacks confidence in herself. She has a hard time getting things done as she has to overcome the feelings of depression and apathy.
-Misc. Quirks: Had a rare illness but after a procedure she recovered quickly.
-Religion/Philosophy: Raised Christian but isn’t sure what to think. It’s hard to have faith in a God that allows people to feel such suffering as she’s felt in others.
-Likes: Some Atari and Arcade games, Riding her bike, Board games, foreign music and romantic movies. As well as MASH, Star wars, E.T. and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
-Favorite Foods: Pasta and Fried Rice
-Favorite Drinks: Coffee, Snapple Tru Root Beer and Smoothies
-Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple
-Dislikes: Mean and angry people, Racism, Geography,
-Hobbies: Writing

General Character Info:

-Relationship Status: Single
-Place of residence: Mystic Stonington, CT
-Place of Birth: Cumming, GA.
-Occupation: High Schooler, Part-Time at an Arcade
-Group/Guild/Clan affiliation:
-Enemies: Anti-Mutant Groups
-Wealth Status: Lower Class

Character Abilities and Proficiency:

-Favored Weapon:
-Weapon Skill:
-Mutant Abilities: Negative empathic feeling and control
-Mutant Strengths: Can tell if others are feeling badly and can absorb or push negative emotions through those around her.
-Other Information: It is possible for her to control and fine tune these abilities.
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