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Sygrin and Trinity Empty Sygrin and Trinity

on Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:37 am
Sygrin saw Trinity unconscious and the Wolvian girl wailing. The rage in his heart started to give way to sympathy, and then worry. His form turned back to normal, his eyes reverted to their original brown. He closed his eyes for a moment and worked to calm himself. Then they shot open and he rushed to Trinity’s side. He whispered to her, “I’ve got you, you’re safe now.” He then looked at the crying Mindless beside him, then back to Trinity and the hooks piercing her. He grabbed the part of chain closest to one of the the hooks, with his other hand grabbing beside it. He held his left hand steady keeping the chain closest to Trinity slack as he pulled hard with his right hand. It snapped and he repeated this until there was only one chain left. This one he very gently and slowly took the hook out of her, blood gushed out of the wound. He had to do this so she could start to heal something and slowly get better. The Mindless girl stopped crying and looked relieved, to a point where it seemed worry almost left her completely.

Sygrin was fascinated with the Wolvian girl’s state, but didn’t have time to investigate now. He picked up Trinity’s limp body, being very careful with her wounds. He looked to the Wolvian and gave a command. “Follow me.” She obeyed. He led them down a corridor until it opened up to a large room. There were crude stone statues scattered around and only one exit out. There was a magical field blocking the doorway, it came from an odd looking object on the other side, next to it was the fatman. Behind him was another man who stood with self importance. He was tall with light grey white skin and hair, he was in an elegant white suit and had a red sash across his chest. The fatman spoke with a devious tone in his voice and a crooked smile. “This is the end of the line for you I’m afraid.” The stone statues eyes began to glow and they turned to face Sygrin. “My constructs will make quick work of you, and even if they weren’t you couldn’t get past this barrier.” He began to laugh as the statues began to move towards Sygrin, Trinity and the Mindless One. Then there was a break in the laughter, a gurgling noise replaced it. Blood dripped down his mouth. There was a strange looking white blade through his large stomach.

The statues fell lifeless again as the fatman slumped to the ground. Now Sygrin was able to see that the blade came from the white skinned man, it was actually a part of his arm. Then the blade morphed into a normal hand. He nonchalantly pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from his hand. He then put his hand on the object creating the force field and it faded away. Then he walked into the room. He spoke with a hint of contempt in his voice. “You’re lucky I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get her out ever since I learned she’s my mother. Otherwise you’d be dead and she’d be back in prison.”

Sygrin eyed the man carefully. “You know the way out then?” The man rolled his eyes speaking with annoyance in his voice. “Of course. Now keep up.” He then turned and started to sprint down a corridor going surprisingly fast. Sygrin easily followed, keeping a distance and gently moving trinity to be cupped with one hand leaving the other one free. Even though he was fairly convinced this man could have at the very least kept them trapped if not have already killed them, it was obvious it wasn’t out of any moral standing. They were going at a good pace but Sygrin could not be stealthy while doing so. Several guards had already heard them and came running from different halls. They had all been confused and then shocked to see the white man caus his arm to morph and become a part of a long razor sharp tendril that whipped around, cutting the men down. The mindless one helped as well, but Sygrin himself had a hard enough time keeping them at bay while having one arm holding Trinity. After the second battle this way Sygrin was breathing heavily as his old and fresh wounds worked on healing. He turned to the white man. “What’s your name.” The man spoke with a scowl on his face. “Kellor Von, but this hardly the time for introductions. This already getting less and less likely to succeed. Soon the more elite will find us and that will not end well.” Sygrin nodded in agreement. “I’m too loud and easy to find, I just want to protect her and keep her safe. I hate this idea, but it’s for the best. You must take her without me. I’ll draw them off of the three of you.”

Von was surprised Sygrin came up with this plan. It meant he would be much more likely not to make it than them. Von nodded and said. “Go to the north end of the city, there’s a farm nearby, we’ll be there.” He then took Trinity from Sygrin, told the mindless one to follow and they left down one corridor while Sygrin went down another one. He left burn and claw marks at the entrance of his tunnel and kept doing so as long as it wasn’t going to be obvious he wanted to be followed. There were more fights but his desire to get back to Trinity and keep the men off her gave him too much strength to lose. After a while he came into a small room that seemed to be a guard post. Within the room was a tall female Devil. Devil’s were typically generals in the war and had very powerful dark magic. A wicked smile stretched across her face. ”Ah, you two split up, risky, but also clever. But that just means I won’t kill you now, you’ll take me to her, or she’ll come back for your sake.” She then stretched out her hand and the black smoke covered Sygrin this time. He felt intense pain, particularly in his arms. He grit his teeth until it finally subsided.

Looking down, there was now a different arcane mark on each arm. The woman spoke devilishly. “This is the curse of choices. You have two curses to choose from within the next hundred and eleven hours you must select one by having your blood flow from one of the marks. Otherwise-” Sygrin cut her off, speaking through gritted teeth. “I’ve heard of it, I also know that this mark is the curse of the old, and this one is the curse of a hundred deaths. Horrible and powerful hexes, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll suffer. We’re not coming back to you.” She smiled wickedly. “We’ll see, but maybe I’ll come across her and do the same thing.” She began to laugh but Sygrin cut in again, shaking with anger. “NO!” he boomed. He would not, could not let that happen. Fire burned within his eyes, then he yelled at the top of his lungs. Stretching out his arms fire burst from him in a 60 yard radius. It burned everything, the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. It was just a sphere of nothing. He fell to the bottom, he looked around for any sign of the devil, but she was gone. But he did see that the top of the sphere opened up into the surface. He crept back and then launched up to the side of the sphere and then boosted off that to make it through the 10-foot hole.

Looking around he noticed he was in a general goods store, empty, probably due to the moon light he could see from out the window. He quickly grabbed a sack and put some essentials in it. After he was done, he needed to pay for these things but had no money. Instead he took out the silverion blades still in his back. He winced each time and had to let them heal a bit before continuing. Even if the Silverion was just melted down, it would be more than enough to pay for it all. He kept the largest blade and then set out into the night. Going north and trying to be more stealthy now, he soon got to the edge of the city without any issue. Seeing a farm he went to it quickly. Upon getting close, he felt that something was off. It’s not always easy to recognise but he was sure he walked into a zone of some type of magic. He cautiously went forward hoping and praying to Korbin that they be here. “Sygrin, over here.” He whirled around to see Von, who ducked back inside a barn. He followed, and there she was, gently laid out on some hay. Relief filled his heart, he bent down and gently caressed her cheek. “You’re safe, and I’ll make sure you always will be.” Von spoke to Sygrin, slightly irritated. “I’ll make sure you're safe for the night, but they’ll track you down soon enough. Get as far from here as you can, to any safe place you can. I’ve done my part, I’m going back, don’t ever try to fight us, you’ll fail and you need to only think about my mother, understand.” He said that last part through narrowed eyes. Sygrin just nodded still dazed by the fact that they had made it and she is now safe.
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Sygrin and Trinity Empty Re: Sygrin and Trinity

on Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:54 pm
Trinity's pink skin was growing more and more pale. She had lost too much blood losing one of her limbs and she hadn't been fed in days. Her body was dying and she could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
"Finally," she thought, relieved, "Its over. The pain is all over! I can finally rest. In peace..."
She began to float towards the light when she noticed a table in the middle of the tunnel, covered in evil instruments. She turned away from it in terror only to face another familiar torture device. Suddenly a bloody chain with a sharp hook at the end swung toward her. And another and another. She was surrounded and had to spin and duck to dodge them. 'What is happening to me?!' She screamed in her mind, 'I just want to die already!'
"Are you really gonna lie around dead when you finally got a chance to live?" A beautiful, clear, and demanding female voice resonated in the darkness and banished the torture chamber. Trinity felt herself being pulled backward through the dark tunnel, away from the light. Was the owner of that voice forcing her into a vision quest?
Scattered memories of a lifetime of great suffering flashed by her as though she was witnessing a slide show of her life. She had worked hard to suppress these memories of torture, rape, and even being forced to murder, and now they were all comming back!
"If you give up now, then all of this would be for nothing."
Sobs of strangers echoed from Trinities neighboring cells got drowned out by the sounds of the same cell mates begging for their lives as the torturer dragged them away.
"What about them, and all those to arrive at that place? You have a chance to change their fates. You have a chance to stop their pain. Would they try to save you if they had escaped? Will you throw that chance away just because you're tired?"
Suddenly the slideshow stopped and Trinity stared at the face of her first child. His little ears were pointed and his skin was a light grey, but his eyes were bright orange and he wasnt even crying. Trinity spent her whole life trying to remember that face she called The Quiet One and had failed. She only saw him for a few seconds before they took him away to be sold and it was so long ago. Now the baby was in her arms, and she was completely mesmerized.
"Dont you want to save him? Dont you want to find your children?"
The baby began to fade away in her arms and Trinity began to whimper and beg, then screamed as all the agony of her wing being sawed off returned at once. She fell to the ground and looked up to see the face of her torturer.
"Dont you want revenge?"
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